Monday, December 19, 2011

Garage Sale Christmas

Only a few days before Christmas! I need to get all the presents wrapped!! I have sorted all my garage sale treasures and this is what I have from shopping all summer!  DVDs, books, games, dresses, Barbie car, Wizard of Oz movie with ruby slippers, Belle doll. I cannot wait for Christmas morning!
Right now I have this all spread out over the bed in the guest room aka "grandma's room". I just cover this all up with the comforter and it is hidden away. So I need to get it wrapped before grandma comes to stay for Christmas.

I love the Minnie Mouse dress with ears and dozens of Littlest Pet Shop cuties!

oh yes! Fraggle Rock DVD! 

All of this was $40 !
When I come home from each garage sale trip I just stash the gifts in a suitcase in the basement. I just keep adding to it and then in December I get to sort it all out!! Then I buy 2 new rolls of wrapping paper each year. One roll for each daughter. I wrap all their gifts in their own wrapping paper.  I just tell them which paper is theirs and then they know which presents are theirs under the tree. I don't have to make out tags. They love it! OK so I buy 3 rolls of wrapping paper because Santa gets his own. 

I was looking through my photos from last year's Garage Sale Christmas. This system of using the bed to sort it all out and covering it with a blanket works so well for me! I wouldn't want to leave it all out on the floor - I feel like they could just open the door and SURPRISE! And I don't want to put it all away each day because I am only able to wrap a little at a time.

LAST year there was a giant surprise from Santa.

I heard that Mrs. Claus got this inflatable igloo from a garage sale for $5 !! The girls played with this all winter. Good to know there are great garage sales at the North Pole. Thank you Santa! 

my sweeties
December 25, 2010

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Before and After - Kitchen Chairs

How many chairs have I bought this year??? Quite a few, but THESE are perfect, I just had to have them! Adorable in my kitchen. I loved the turquoise but I wanted to change the cushion fabric.

 Woohoo! I bought 2 chairs for $5 each at a garage sale and I paid about $7 for all of the fabric from JoAnns.

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