About Me

Sometimes I feel like my whole house is filled with things from garage sales. I think its true. I love finding unique items at garage sales. Every item has its story. Every shopping day has its story. I love garage saling with my friends, my kids and my mom. Its exciting to think about WHAT WE MIGHT FIND TODAY!!
I love to find things my grandparents had and things I had when I was growing up.
I have been addicted to garage saling since about 2005, when my first daughter was born. I started going on my lunch hour from work and hitting as many sales as I could, looking for baby girls things. Clothes, toys, decorations. I would find things that were just perfect for my daughter and many things were brand new. It was fun to find all these new things to bring home. And with a new baby you find you NEED a lot of things! By going to garage sales I would find that I was able to get items I wanted but couldn't normally afford.
And this is how it became addicting. Now we have 2 growing girls and I am a stay at home mom, addicted to garage sales. I can admit it!


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