Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Highway 127 longest yard sale experience

We drove about 600 miles from Michigan to Crossville, TN. What a perfect vacation spot for us. We have family in the area and of course we planned our vacation around the 127 sale!

It is overwhelming how many tents, booths and vendors there are!  

The traffic on 127 in Crossville is pretty heavy. And they still managed to MOVE A HOUSE down the highway through all that traffic! 
moving a house down Highway 127

One of my favorite parts of this sale is the amount of old, unique things you can find. I never find stuff this old at garage sales back home.
cash register and Coca Cola cooler

double bicycle

a coffin? $695
unique collections...
license plates

handmade signs
The area around the Cumberland Mtn General Store in Clarkrange, TN is a sight to see! So many booths here! 

We saw the filming of HGTV's Endless Yard Sale Challenge with Cari Cucksey and Kim Myles.
Which will air on HGTV on October 16, 2011.
Cari Cucksey & Kim Myles 
One of my favorite treats were the fried pies.
apple, cherry, blueberry, peach
Fried Pies Sold Here!

My Treasures...
vintage toys
Laundry sign & Pepsi crate
photos & mini bowling pins
license plates, mermaid, giant skeleton key
canister set

We shopped the sale Wed, Thur and Fri. We drove as north as Clarkrange, TN and south almost to Pikeville, TN. 
Parking is insane. Cars park along the side of the road. Some parking lots will charge a couple dollars for parking. Sometimes we would see a sale we wanted to go to but there was NO WHERE to pull over.

I think almost every seller was willing to negotiate on prices. Maybe it is just expected. Expected that buyers are going to ask for a better price and expected that the seller wants to get rid of their JUNK.
Sometimes if you just TOUCH an item the seller would say - "I can do better on that price."
The whole experience is unique. You see it all. I was called "honey" and "ma'am" more times in those few days... There was a nice, polite, charming way about the people we met.

and of course we had a little vacation for the kids too...
cooled off in the pool

played mini golf

 spotted Elvis in Nashville (about 1.5 hrs from Crossville)

stopped by the Antique Archaeology store in Nashville - from the American Pickers show

Can't wait to do it again next year! 

Did you go? What did you find? Want to meet us there next year?
There is a group on Facebook to catch all the official details...


  1. love the double bicycles. (and the pies!)

  2. Oh my I'm so bummed I missed this event! I wanted to go but was up north for work that weekend. Rar... looks like you had a great time though!

  3. Uh, this looks like heaven. How fun.

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