Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What do we have here?

Is this a fabulous yard sale?
What could it be?

These last 2 weeks have been BUSY!
This is what I bought in the last 2 weekends of garage sales (since we have returned from the 127 sale). 
I kept all of this in my car and just kept adding to it until I was able to pull it out and sort it all. And today was the lucky day!

School clothes. Puzzles. Snow cone machine $3. 
White bench $7 that I want to paint and use for my dining room table! 
Pink snow pants $1. wooden Pepsi crate $5. 
Michigan license plate 50¢. Gumball machine $1. 
White tablecloth $1. Red polka dot rain boots $1. 
Close to My Heart stamp sets $1 each. Brand New - Pottery Barn red bean bag cover $10. 
3 adorable Halloween plates. Snowman cookie jar $1. 
2 Brand New -Pottery Barn pillow shams $5 each. 2 comforters $6 total. 
Bella Dancerella Cheerleader DVD and mat 75¢. Magnet fun game $1.
DVD movies $1 each. 2 different houses were selling their DVD collections for $1 each. 
I bought all 3 Pirates of the Caribbean DVDs for $3 total. The retail sticker showed $24.95 each. 
Cars. Shrek 1 and 2. Finding Nemo. No Strings Attached. (I think that was just released this year)

All of this was in my SUV! 

All of THIS + PLUS this bike! 

This Trek bicycle was $30. The sweet girl who used to love this beautiful pink ride was so excited to have that $30 in her hands. She told me "it even comes with the bell". So cute!
I have to hide this in the basement and save this for my daughter's birthday.

I have never seen this vintage game before. NUMBLE
It's like Scrabble but the tiles have numbers instead of letters!
They were selling 2 sets of this game. One set has never been opened!

I love these Pottery Barn school picture frames! 
There is an opening for each school year. Kindergarten through 8th grade. 
Perfect timing. I have one 1st grader and one in preschool. 
These frames were $8 each. my car is cleared out and I can start all over this weekend!
Happy Treasure Hunting!

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  1. You added to this pile since I saw it that day at lunch! All good stuff - of course I went right to the numbered tiles :) Love those frames too.


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