Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Garage Sale of the Season

I went to my first garage sale of the season!! The weather has been warmer than normal and the season has started earlier this year. Usually it hits around May! I went to my first sale in April! It seems like forever that I have been to a garage sale when its really been about 6 months! 
But now that they are here I am getting ready! Spring cleaning and organizing. Making space for my new treasures! We have taken at least 4 car loads to Salvation Army this Spring so far! I have spent a lot of time sorting and storing everything away in bins in the basement. I need more bins and more time to put EVERYTHING I own away! But, so far, I have a total of 54 bins in my basement. And I need more!! I want it ALL tucked away so I know right where it is when I need it. 
My bins are labeled:
Bubble Wrap
Easter (2 bins)
Halloween (3 bins)
Snowpants, Hats, Gloves
Ice Skates
Winter Boots
Craft Supplies
Wedding (from 10 years ago! I should look through there one of these days - should be interesting)
Picture frames (3 bins)
Photos (4 bins. I have both of my grandmas photos because I should be scanning them and putting photo books together!)
Tote Bags
Beach Towels
Old toys from when I was little (2 bins)
Christmas (18 bins. yep 18)
Girl Clothes size 7 & up (2 bins for my oldest daughter for school next year)
and I have 7 bins marked JUNK because I need to SORT the contents out! I just have a hard time letting stuff go. I am getting better! Can you believe it? I guess I am border line "hoarder". But NOW I am committing to USING everything I own or getting rid of it! It feels good!
OK I am still working on it! But it feels good to be moving in the right direction!

This is what I purchased at my one and only garage sale so far this year! It was a great sale! I was her first customer! She had gorgeous BRAND NEW items! 
2012 is going to be a GREAT year of garage sales! 
New Queen bedspread $6. New SUPER SOFT cream throw $6. New Full size blanket $6. Pillows $2 each. 2 brand new roman shades $2 each. Total $26
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