Sunday, June 26, 2011

where do I begin?

another weekend of fabulous finds! where do I begin...
on the left...vintage Raggedy Ann $4 (from Cash & Cari estate sale in Novi, MI)
large flower platter & matching utensil holder $3.50
2 vintage Scrabble games & Mad Magazine board game $7.50 total (from Cash & Cari sale) for my Scrabble obsession
gorgeous etched mirror $5
7 Michigan license plates 1970s $1 each
purple dress $2
Abercrombie hoodie $2
4 children's workbooks $7 total (one book is marked retail $16.95)
glassware (ice bucket, small pitcher, vase, candy dish) $5 total
2 cute Pottery Barn dolls $2 each
and more FROSTY items (for my 3 yr old) 
12 Frosty plates $5
18 Frosty ornaments $10
Frosty bowl 25 cents

I JUST love the Sesame Street book "From Trash to Treasure" 25 cents

and there is..... a ceramic blue bird $2
tall ceramic rooster $1
Halloween jack-o-laterns $3 (hey, there is a vintage potato masher in his mouth. potato masher $1)
a Pyrex measuring cup 50 cents
brand new package of 12 yellow legal pads $1
 (in the back) vintage yellow The Little Engine That Could book $2.50 (from Cash & Cari sale)

whew..... Now I am off to wash those clothes and all those new dishes.
How should I clean the Raggedy Ann doll? She needs to be freshened up. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

weekend treasures

Another great weekend of treasures! 

oval mirror $5 
white pants $3
princess sleeping bag $2
princess umbrella $1
lego table $8
bird cage $2
books and puzzles $2.75 total for all 4
glass jar with lid $8 (from the Cash and Cari estate sale in Ann Arbor, MI)
my lovely assistant is sitting in
a kid's camping chair $1

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pinterest? Pinterest!!
I am crazy about this new website called

It is an amazing tool to organize all the interesting images and ideas you find online. 
It allows you to save any image you see anywhere online and categorize it and save it for FUTURE reference. is like a large catalog of inspiring photos that you can share with others.
It allows you to see what others are collecting as well.
Users are constantly adding new photos all day, every day so there is always SOMETHING NEW to see and fall in love with.
Some categories I have created include: 
- For the Home
- Happily Ever After
- Making me Hungry
- Fabulous Vintage
- Great Ideas
- Decorating with Estate Sale Treasures

for me it is:

I hope I don't sound like a commercial. This is not a paid advertisement. I just wanted to share with you this ADDICTING invention! 

possibilities are your ideas.....
vacations. birthday parties. decorating. wedding. design. tutorials. garage sale finds.

Do you have a account? [you must be 13 or older]
What do/would you use it for? [inappropriate content is prohibited]

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stuff I couldn't live without.



You know - I just HAD to have ALL of this! 

We thought we were going to have rain but we lucked out. PERFECT garage saling weather!
My mom, my brother and my daughters went along on this adventure.
This is what we got IN 3 HOURS!!

Everything spilled out of my car onto the driveway. 
brown quilted purse $1
xylophone $1
red wallet $5
lighted Christmas berries $2
brand new blue lunch cooler $2
silver candlestick $1
purple makeup bag 50 cents
set of 8 mini salt & pepper shakers (great for glitter) $2

(my cute little assistant)
Southern Living lidded trifle bowl  $3 (MY FAVORITE PURCHASE TODAY)
golf bag cart $1
orange hand cart $20 (my brother's purchase)
somewhere in there is a Cat in the Hat book on tape $2
and a picture frame $1

table $3
Barbie toy $2
candlesticks 25 cents each
tools $1 each

yellow Tupperware colander 10 cents
antique wooden stool $4
XL Brookstone TV remote $1
children's books 25 cents each
E.T. VHS movie 50 cents
brand new - Frosty & Rudolph VHS movies 25 cents each
Creative Memories paper trimmer - brand new -  still in bubble wrap - $2 
metal shelf $5
purple Peeps Easter basket $1
and FROSTY $1

We had so much fun ! 
and the cutest little boys were selling delicious chocolate chip cookies for 25 cents each!
we definitely couldn't live without those! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Metallic spray paint. Aluminum

For indoor & outdoor. For wood and metal. At Home Depot. This is fun stuff!
I bought this!!

At Home Depot. Did you know...

Water based poly in a spray can. This could be very handy.
(sorry - bad camera phone pic)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

$1 each

Had a great weekend of shopping! I found some cute items for $1 each ! 

Vintage Clock Westclox Baby Ben $1.00
wooden tray with handles $1.00
Hallmark ivory flower picture frame $1.00 
large glass dome $1.00
cute mini glass dome $1.00
1 yard vintage flower trim $1.00
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
1983 UPWORDS game $1.00
shabby chic white frame stand $1.00 
mini muffin tin $1.00
Pyrex glass bowl $1.00
brand new Yankee Candle 14.5 oz Cranberry Peppermint $1.00
brand new box of 4 card games (retail sticker says Restoration Hardware $15.00) $1.00


it is so hard to wait 5 more days for next week's garage sales to start up!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Thursday, June 2, 2011

give me a BIG smile!

I got this LARGE frame today for $7 !! 
(maybe it's not a LARGE frame maybe they are just really, really SMALL kids.)

Maybe I could paint a section of my kitchen wall with chalkboard paint and then frame it! 
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