Sunday, June 26, 2011

where do I begin?

another weekend of fabulous finds! where do I begin...
on the left...vintage Raggedy Ann $4 (from Cash & Cari estate sale in Novi, MI)
large flower platter & matching utensil holder $3.50
2 vintage Scrabble games & Mad Magazine board game $7.50 total (from Cash & Cari sale) for my Scrabble obsession
gorgeous etched mirror $5
7 Michigan license plates 1970s $1 each
purple dress $2
Abercrombie hoodie $2
4 children's workbooks $7 total (one book is marked retail $16.95)
glassware (ice bucket, small pitcher, vase, candy dish) $5 total
2 cute Pottery Barn dolls $2 each
and more FROSTY items (for my 3 yr old) 
12 Frosty plates $5
18 Frosty ornaments $10
Frosty bowl 25 cents

I JUST love the Sesame Street book "From Trash to Treasure" 25 cents

and there is..... a ceramic blue bird $2
tall ceramic rooster $1
Halloween jack-o-laterns $3 (hey, there is a vintage potato masher in his mouth. potato masher $1)
a Pyrex measuring cup 50 cents
brand new package of 12 yellow legal pads $1
 (in the back) vintage yellow The Little Engine That Could book $2.50 (from Cash & Cari sale)

whew..... Now I am off to wash those clothes and all those new dishes.
How should I clean the Raggedy Ann doll? She needs to be freshened up. 


  1. wow,,, so much loot... and frosty to boot......
    you have such a lovely assistant too...


  2. The Sesame Street book is truly the best find!! I wonder if you could take a digital picture of the cover art and the words "Trash to Treasure" and use for business card/note cards/keepsake for picture frame. I am feeling a little overly-creative today...just a suggestion. Check out

  3. girl, you scored! I toss my kids stuffed animals in into the washing machine on the cold and gentle cycle. The delicate one's I put in a delicates bag to keep them safe. They have always come out great. Just a thought?


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