Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stuff I couldn't live without.



You know - I just HAD to have ALL of this! 

We thought we were going to have rain but we lucked out. PERFECT garage saling weather!
My mom, my brother and my daughters went along on this adventure.
This is what we got IN 3 HOURS!!

Everything spilled out of my car onto the driveway. 
brown quilted purse $1
xylophone $1
red wallet $5
lighted Christmas berries $2
brand new blue lunch cooler $2
silver candlestick $1
purple makeup bag 50 cents
set of 8 mini salt & pepper shakers (great for glitter) $2

(my cute little assistant)
Southern Living lidded trifle bowl  $3 (MY FAVORITE PURCHASE TODAY)
golf bag cart $1
orange hand cart $20 (my brother's purchase)
somewhere in there is a Cat in the Hat book on tape $2
and a picture frame $1

table $3
Barbie toy $2
candlesticks 25 cents each
tools $1 each

yellow Tupperware colander 10 cents
antique wooden stool $4
XL Brookstone TV remote $1
children's books 25 cents each
E.T. VHS movie 50 cents
brand new - Frosty & Rudolph VHS movies 25 cents each
Creative Memories paper trimmer - brand new -  still in bubble wrap - $2 
metal shelf $5
purple Peeps Easter basket $1
and FROSTY $1

We had so much fun ! 
and the cutest little boys were selling delicious chocolate chip cookies for 25 cents each!
we definitely couldn't live without those! 


  1. Love the Barbie cash register with the microphone..."price check to isle three, price check to isle three"!

  2. Tools, candlesticks, stool, table, lidded trifle bowl and more! Quite the haul; looks like it was a super fun day :)


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