Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pinterest? Pinterest!!
I am crazy about this new website called

It is an amazing tool to organize all the interesting images and ideas you find online. 
It allows you to save any image you see anywhere online and categorize it and save it for FUTURE reference. is like a large catalog of inspiring photos that you can share with others.
It allows you to see what others are collecting as well.
Users are constantly adding new photos all day, every day so there is always SOMETHING NEW to see and fall in love with.
Some categories I have created include: 
- For the Home
- Happily Ever After
- Making me Hungry
- Fabulous Vintage
- Great Ideas
- Decorating with Estate Sale Treasures

for me it is:

I hope I don't sound like a commercial. This is not a paid advertisement. I just wanted to share with you this ADDICTING invention! 

possibilities are your ideas.....
vacations. birthday parties. decorating. wedding. design. tutorials. garage sale finds.

Do you have a account? [you must be 13 or older]
What do/would you use it for? [inappropriate content is prohibited]


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