Friday, February 11, 2011

Ferris Wheel - UPDATE

OK. I want to tell you how much I paid for the Pottery Barn inspired Ferris Wheel. I asked you to guess what I paid for this item. Your guesses were anywhere from $2.00 - $9.99. 
I just WISH I was able to get the deal that you thought I did. I am flattered!! 
I actually paid $15.90 (with tax) at a Consignment Store. 
I was HAPPY to pay this price for this item. I know its not a Garage Sale price. But I love this piece and I was shocked it was only $15 at the store. Thank you for playing! :-)

Salvation Army has a big 50% off sale tomorrow starting at 7am. Feels like garage sale season getting up to shop at that hour. I will pretend it is warmer than 15 degrees outside.


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