Friday, July 29, 2011

Fabulous finds

2 Barbies & accessories $2
Math book 50 cents
Skirt $2 (I plan on wearing to the 127 sale next week in TN)
Cute silver bucket, now my new office trash can, 25 cents
50 cents for the letter E
Bench $5
4 aqua plates 50 cents for all 4
Large lidded jar $2
Pyrex measuring cup 10 cents
Disney frame $1
Decanter $2
My fav... 5 vintage keys $1 each

It is such a great feeling to get out in the fresh air and find such fun treasures. 
  • A very sweet woman selling the vintage keys explained to me how rare it is to find a skeleton key with a "heart bow". The bow is the loop on the key. The fancier the bow the more valuable it is. I will be looking for skeleton keys on my trip to the 127 sale. And this nice woman also shared with me that she has turned many many keys into several pieces of framed art in her home and the trick to attaching the keys is to use silicone. I am guessing that might mean the silicone tubes you can buy at Home Depot that you use to caulk your sinks, etc.
  • On the bottom of the bench the retail sticker says "Display Benches Set $125.00". REALLY? OK. (There was only one bench for sale)
  • I bought the large lidded jar because I am excited about adding glass jars as storage containers in my pantry.
  • The Barbies were going to be for Christmas for the girls. But they FOUND THEM before I could hide them and they begged to play with them. They are pretty Barbies with many accessories. I was going to put them in fancy boxes and put them under the tree in December, but instead I asked the girls to cleanup the ENTIRE PLAYROOM before they could open up their new dolls. That was a BIG job!
  • The letter E I could use to make this decoration for my wall. So cute! Just need to find a couple more letters to go with it. :-)
(found this photo on

He loves it!


  1. LUCKY! I want some of those keys! If you find some more I will buy them from you! Are you at the longest yard sale yet?

  2. Great finds - especially the keys, and the info about them! Have fun at the LYS :)


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