Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Price tags on the bottom!

I am finding more and more sales where they actually place the price tag on the bottom of the items for sale! I LOVE THIS! Then you don't have to worry about that sticky goo from the price tag stuck all over. I have sometimes passed up on an item where I have seen that the price tag has damaged the item - like on the covers of books.
I love it when the prices for picture frames are on the back! I don't have to get out the Goo Gone to remove the sticky goo from the glass! I almost cry when I pull off a price tag and it has removed the finish from a wood piece.
And another big NO NO is writing the price on the item with a black permanent marker. I did buy a Scrabble game - because I wanted it for the tiles - but the price was written right on the game box. I would hesitate putting that in my home game collection.
I have found one trick to remove the black permanent marker from clothes. Sometimes I will find clothes that have been personalized - writing their child's name on the tag or in the collar. I have sprayed WD-40 on the marker and it rubs right out! Then, of course, I throw it into the washing machine.

Thank you for putting the price tags on the BOTTOM!

1 comment:

  1. A clean idea is to write the prices on blue painter's tape.


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