Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bounce House inside on a cold, snowy day

On this absolutely freezing, cold, snowy day we knew it would be a perfect day to setup the Bounce House and exercise indoors! This has been an amazing garage sale find! I found it for $75 and the previous owners explained that it had never been outside and had only been used in their bonus room above their garage. They mentioned it was perfect for winter days and parties with friends and family. I was SOLD. We have used this so much! It is 9' x 9' and fits in our family room, if I push a couch out of the way. It completely inflates in about 90 seconds and the kids will practice gymnastics for about 20 minutes. They get another 20 minutes later in the day and then it's put away for the day.

We also enjoyed this story matching game. It includes 20 different story sequencing puzzles. The box is marked with a U.S. retail price of $38.85 and I paid $1 at a garage sale. A GREAT DEAL on our educational toys!


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