Sunday, January 16, 2011


Went to a RePurpose Estate Sale where we had the wonderful opportunity to meet Cari Cucksey from the HGTV show "Cash and Cari". She is so sweet!

I picked up this antique glassware for $20. Priceless!

and we met a new friend Joe.


  1. Joe was a cool cat. I hope he comes to visit more of our sales.

  2. What is this Repurpose Estate Sale that you speak of? This looks interesting...

  3. Thanks for posting my pic on your blog ladies. "Garagesalediaries" is a cool blogging site. Turns out, the globe pictured in the back seat of my car, is a vintage German crafted world globe that lights up from the inside. The old "U.S.S.R. is shown on the globe. Pretty cool buy @ $30. Im still trying to get the actual value of the globe. *** Speaking of "cool", thanks for the "Cool-Cat" comment from Cari, (Cash & Cari). This is a great show... Check it out on the HGTV network. Im gonna try to make most of the sales.


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