Thursday, March 3, 2011

My 2011 Shopping List

With garage sale season soon approaching 
(starts in May here in Michigan) 
I am taking a look at 
my wish list for my 2011 shopping!!

For me:
frames, curtains, hardcover books, mirrors, 
halloween costumes, toys, children's books, games, everything Disney princess! (Christmas gifts for my girls!)

For customers:
cake pedestals, vintage aprons, snow suits, vintage postcards

(My trick for hiding the girls Christmas gifts all year long is to tuck them away into a GIANT suitcase. It is approx 3ft x 2ft and 12 inches deep. I got it at garage sale for $5. Its too big to take on a trip. Once it's full it's too heavy to carry around!)

The best part of garage sale shopping is finding things that I didn't even know existed and then realizing that I have to have them!  For example:

Is there anything I can put on my list that I can find for you!?


  1. Hi, sure, you can get me one of the massive blow up tubes that has a slide/climbing wall, as well as all the Veggie Tales movies you can find. The only problem is that it would be kind of expensive for me to have you ship them to New Brunswick (Canada)! I do want to thank you for inspiring me to now believe that it's ok to give our daughter garage sale finds for Christmas, Birthday,, as long as they are in "like new" condition like what you find. You rock!!

  2. Your wish list for 2011 shopping looking perfect.With including games no-one can complete their shopping wish list.Various different games are good to make a good health as well as helpful to sharpen a mind.Design pattern of your shoe cubby looks so beautiful.


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