Thursday, November 18, 2010

6 New Tables!

My kitchen table Craiglist find. I loved the size and the price.
It came with 4 matching chairs but we have moved out 2 of them and replaced them with 2 kid chairs. I would LOVE to paint everything glossy black! I may need some help with that.

My first garage sale purchase this year (in May). I saw this cute white table when I was driving by and I had to stop the car and take a look. Only $2. It needs a fresh coat of paint but it is a perfect craft table for the girls in "grandma's room".

Great deal! $15
I can't wait to sand this down and paint it white! I am even considering adding padding on the top and covering it with fabric for nice new seating in our family room. I would have to chop off a few inches of the legs so it wasn't too tall.

IKEA table and 2 chairs. This is a great little kids table. I paid $5 for this one. And this is our 2nd one. We actually bought this table and chairs set from IKEA brand new for $20 last year. It is so handy. When I found another for $5 I knew it would get used! This one is in my oldest daughters room. The other one is in the playroom being used as a "kitchen" table.

Simple little side table. $5

Cute. Adorable. Perfect.
It fits PERFECT in our kitchen. ADORABLE for tea parties! CUTE fabric on the chairs but my youngest tried to add color to them with her black markers. I do want to replace the fabric. I am looking for the right cupcake fabric.


  1. Congratulations on winning the "silhouette" from May you have hours of fun making cool things for your home.

    I love to yard sale as well, only right now there is to much snow on the ground.

  2. it looks like you have two small do I and I just wanted to say that black sounds like a good idea for a kitchen table...until you let two small kiddos around it :) It will show everything! Just a friendly warning :)


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