Thursday, November 11, 2010

Girls craft weekend

My aunt hosts a girls weekend for all the cousins. There are 6 girls under 7 years. We get together to do crafts and eat great food while the guys go hunting.
Over the summer, during my garage sale adventures, I have been picking up different crafts and projects for the girls. Last year we made soap and jewelry and sculpted clay and more. This year we can paint beads, make charm jewelry, use a flower press, mold bouncy balls, paint sun catchers, and create mosaic art. I paid anywhere from 25 cents to 3 dollars per set. We have over 10 projects here and I got them all for around 15-20 bucks total. Most of the boxes have never been opened. The ones that have been opened are perfect to use as supplies!
See you soon ladies!! Watch out. We might get glitter everywhere!


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