Monday, May 16, 2011

I found FROSTY!

What a great week! Found lots of nice things for the girls. Already stocking up the Christmas gifts. (storing them away in a suitcase)
Children's Place striped dress, Gap striped dress and polka dot shirt 50 cents each
Abercrombie shirt $1
Boggle Jr $1
Fancy Nancy Game $1
How to Draw Animals $2
total = $6.50

oak desk chair $15

$75 brand new Obermeyer snowpants for $10
books 50 cents each (perfect condition = Christmas gifts)
AND a FROSTY puzzle!! My 3 year old talks about FROSTY everyday. She is obsessed. This is for her birthday in August! 25 cents! 
total = $13.25

each pack of cards = 25 cents each
total = $1.50 !
we are not ready for Division, Subtraction or Multiplication yet, but it was a great deal! each package is marked $2.50 retail. 
My oldest just turned 6 and is headed into 1st grade in the fall! 


  1. Great finds! I was in Chicago this last weekend and there was a sign we passed everytime we drove anywhere that said 'Estate Sale - Big Blowout'. Everyone was joking that I was getting withdrawals...but nobody wanted to stop! ARGGGHHHH!!!

  2. You rock! What can I say? You are the one who has inspired me to "start a suitcase". The problem is, the darn thing is full of Barbie's already. Note to self. Squeeze in some educational games!!!


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