Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My treasures last week!

My favorite Salvation Army find this week is this adorable Life Is Good® canvas tote for $2.99. I threw it in the washer and it is as good as new! 

I got these items at a garage sale all for $2.00 !
50 cents each for the books, 25 cents for the Sequence game and 25 cents for the Golden Book. This one was printed in 1967. I like to find the "vintage" Golden Books but I don't plan on making a dress out of them like this designer did. WOW!

All of this was $7.50. I have a thing for measuring cups, spoons. 
And my 3 year old is OBSESSED with Frosty. (Her birthday is in August and she wants a Frosty bathing suit. Do they even make such a thing?)  I got her a new Frosty ornament for 25 cents! The blue organizer tray was a steal for 25 cents! too cute! 

I am ready to find more treasures this week!!! 


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