Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Treasure "Hunter"

Didn't expect to buy a GUN! YEP. Never bought a gun before!

It all started when I was planning my trip to a RePurpose Estate sale and I was showing my dad the online photos of the items up for sale. (you can preview upcoming estate sales in your area at www.estatesales.net) He was drawn to the photo of a gun because he collects them. He has said to me many times "you could buy me a gun for my birthday." Yeah right Dad, really... I never see guns at garage sales.

Now this was an estate sale! 
I was IMPRESSED with the amount of OLD, OLD items. Antiques everywhere! I scooped up picture frames and skeleton keys.  

There was so much to look at but I didn't see the gun. Maybe it was gone already. So I asked if the gun was still available. Well YES it was!! Cari told me that it is a Civil War era boot pistol. 
(Turns out that it could be rare and hard to find.) 

His love of guns started early, here he is (on the far right) in 1961 where he is proudly carrying his new gun that he received for Christmas. 

I couldn't believe it was real. It looked like a toy! I just knew I had to get it. I felt it.
I couldn't set it down. 
I couldn't believe I just bought a gun. (no bullets, of course).
Happy Birthday Dad. I bet you didn't think I would find you a gun.
It is priceless because he is going to love it!

Can you guess what this TREASURE HUNTER paid?
You will just have to watch 'Cash and Cari' on HGTV this summer to see!


  1. OHHH! You're gonna be famous!! :) Love the frames and skeleton keys!


  2. YIPPEE! You need to tell me when you'll be on! And, please take me with you one week! We can take the van so we'll all fit but I want in on one of your garage sale days please!!!
    Love Jen


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